Taming Anxiety Workshop

June 1: Identifying & Normalizing Anxiety

  • This first session of the workshop aims to describe and explore the ways anxiety can present itself. In order for us to manage our anxiety, it is important that we are first able to identify and practice awareness of anxiety symptoms. Additionally, this session seeks to normalize the impacts anxiety has on our perceptions, lifestyle, and relationships. 

 June 8: Understanding the Anxious Brain

  • In this second session of the workshop, we are exploring the physical and biological foundations of anxiety. As we examine the brain and body processes responsible for producing anxiety, the learner can gain a better understanding of why and how their anxiety occurs. 

June 15: Changing Anxious Thoughts

  • The third session of the workshop series is targeting those problematic thoughts that fuel our anxiety. Anxious thoughts are often connected to various cognitive distortions. Not only will we discuss the types of cognitive distortions provoking our anxiety, you will also learn how to challenge and restructure those thoughts so they become less harmful.

June 22: Panic & Anxiety Attacks

  • The workshop’s fourth session will focus on panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Panic and anxiety attacks are often experienced when anxiety and fear are at their highest intensities. They can be scary and overwhelming. We will review the differences between panic and anxiety attacks, ways to plan for and prevent these attacks, and strategies that are most useful to cope in these heightened scenarios.

June 29: Coping & Self Care Strategies

  • This fifth session of the workshop is all about the coping skills used to reduce bouts of anxiety and the self care strategies to help keep daily anxiety levels lower. We will review a variety of techniques- exploring how they are used and what experiences of anxiety they could be most successful with.

July 6: Managing YOUR Anxiety

  • The workshop’s sixth and final session is to help you craft your personal toolkit for taming your individual experience of anxiety! This session will be most beneficial to participants if previous sessions of the workshop were attended.

*This workshop is not therapy, nor a replacement for therapy.*